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Domain Name Registration

Registering a Domain Name for your website in most cases is the easiest and most inexpensive task. MJM Design can register a new Domain Name for your business website for as little as $12.99 per year. This includes the ability to forward additional domains to the same website or other places on that website at no additional cost.

What is a Domain Name?
A domain name is basically an address for your website. The cost is $12.99 per year for MJM Design to register a Domain Name for your website.

If you purchase website hosting from MJM Design, the domain name registration fee is waived. You need a domain name and it should probably be your company name to make it simple. Avoid fancy or long names and names with hyphens or common misspellings. We can advise and assist you in the selection of your domain name.

Why are .com names more valuable?
Owning a .com name has several benefits over other types of domain names.

  1. They are recognized as the standard, as even after a few days online new comers to the web will learn that most website addresses use the .COM top level domain (TLD).

  2. They are recognized as the TLD for commercial business use. Domain names that end in .com are typically for commercial businesses, while .net can be used for intranets or alternatively, when the .com version is already taken. .Org domain names are typically used for non-profit organizations and .edu for colleges and universities and .gov specifically for the US government.

Why should I secure a .com name for my small business?
For all the reasons outlined in the answer to the previous question, .com names represent the premium real estate of the Internet. If you are lucky enough to find an available .com name that you like, buy it immediately as they are constantly registered at an aggressive rate.

Can I buy a .com domain even if I am not in the US?
Yes. .com domains are available in any country, even though the registration process takes place through InterNIC in the US. Note that you will be billed in US$ for any transactions carried out by InterNIC.

Which top domain should I choose for my company, ".com", ".biz" or ".us"?
That's up to you. Our view is that .com is more international, and can often prove cheaper than a ".yourcountry" domain. This is especially true for countries such as Japan, where a ".jp" top domain costs nearly twice as much as an equivalent ".com" top domain. On the other hand, some companies in more inward-looking countries may actually prefer to have a "local" top domain. At the end of the day it does not really matter very much as your company will still be accessible from anywhere in the world no matter what top domain you chose.

Do I have to own a company to register a .com name?
Absolutely not. Anyone is welcome to register a .com name for current or future use. MJM Design's fee of $12.99 is only for a 1 year registration. Additional years can be purchased at the same rate. ICANN fees may also affect this price by a couple of cents either way.

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